Welcome to Brasileiros.com.au

We are implementing a new advertisement system for businesses and service providers that will evolve the search experience for users.
Our online platform, Brasileiros.com.au was created to help the members of our community to seek businesses and services by category and region in order to facilitate their search and bring
higher assurance to users.
To implement this change, you need to register with our platform, then add your selected ads within our “Trader” or “Business” plans.

Learn a little more about the advantages of our Platform:

• Service Logistics
Our platform allows you to divide your service by region, facilitating customer service from a logistics perspective (applicable for businesses operating in several regions).
• Service breakdown
All listings can be categorised to simplify the search of potential customers and the exposure of services offered by businesses and providers.
• More Exposure
Our platform will offer an additional clientele source for businesses, which generate new opportunities and potential partnerships.

• Credibility
Through the platform, we offer unmatched credibility to registered companies. We also offer review tools for users, ensuring a higher standard of quality for all.
• Service Portal
Our platform allows the contact between customers and businesses through a messaging tool, enabling faster and more efficient customer service interactions.
• Commercial presentation
Our platform has created set a quality standard for presenting your business and services by providing all the necessary fields, so customers can easily find your business, services and social media networks.

• Newsletter
We will keep a weekly newsletter, bringing to registered members find-hand and updated information on services, blog, news and opportunities generated on our platform, which will also increase the visibility of registered businesses.
• Collaborative Blog
Our Blog is collaborative, giving opportunities for all companies to contribute with articles and news of interest to the community, also offering a platform to users to share testimonials that will inspire and motivate the community.
• Support
Our support team will help businesses list their services by maximising the use of tools within the platform, keeping the browsing experience to the highest standard.

• Job Listing
All companies can collaborate with listing job opportunities, which will open up more employment opportunities for job seekers.
• International Business
Expansion to other countries will enable contact with customers and businesses from overseas, creating a myriad of opportunities for users and service providers.
• Marketing Support
Offer marketing solutions for small business, media creation, strategies and digital content

• Events
On the sector of events collab, users will be kept informed on local events, which will increase their reach and audience.
• Market Competition
The platform’s unique presence, innovation and reach will allow registered businesses to act more efficiently in the market, maximising customer acquisition.
• Business Network
Grouping companies on the platform will create opportunities for communication, collaboration and services exchange between businesses.

About the Plans:
• For BUSINESSES to advertise on the website, we are offering a free 3 month “welcome pack”, + 50% off for the first year under the BUSINESS plan.
• For SERVICE PROVIDERS to advertise on the website, we are offering a free 4 month “welcome pack”, 50% off for the first year under the TRADER plan.
• USERS looking for services and information on the website can access all information FREE OF CHARGE.

About posting activities on Facebook Groups:
After registering on the website, all your posts in our Facebook groups will be pre-approved meaning there will be no need to wait for your posts to be approved and then released out to the public.
Note: In order to speed up the “Pre-Approval” process of group posts, we recommend that you register on the brasileiros.com.au website with your Facebook login, so we can identify you as a user within the group and complete your pre-approval status.
We expect to register all companies by December to be fully set up and work with the platform at 100% capacity.

Advertising in our community:
We offer digital marketing services within our network of Facebook pages and groups, promoting events, companies or services quickly and effectively.
We create advantages for our customers by using our marketing system along with our advertisement platform.
Subscribers will have access to exclusive pricing for their campaigns on our groups and Facebook pages.

All Subscribers will have access to exclusive deals
to run their campaign on our facebook pages and groups.
To learn more about advertising on our Facebook
community network.
contact us: info@brasileiros.com.au
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