“FAIR WORK” Austrália

ACT: If your boss is underpaying you and threatening to cancel your student visa because you’ve worked more than you should have, we can help you.

Remember, only the Department of Home Affairs can cancel visas. We have an arrangement with Home Affairs to encourage workers who are being exploited to get our help – even if they’ve breached their student visa conditions.

Under this arrangement, your temporary visa will not be cancelled if you:

✅had an entitlement to work as part of your visa
✅believe you have been exploited at work
✅have reported your circumstances to us
✅are actively assisting us in an investigation.

This applies as long as you commit to abiding by your visa conditions in the future and where there is no other basis for visa cancellation (such as national security, character, health or fraud grounds).

Find out more: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/find-…/visa-holders-and-migrants


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